How It Works

Easy flow to move to your new server.

Choose Your Package

Step 1

Select your subscription based on your Business needs, don't worry you can upgrade anytime later on if your website gets popular.

Easy! Let's Do This Now
Step 1  -Choose Your Package

Step 2 - Migration


Step 2

In order to migrate your website to your brand new fast VPS server, a secured form will allow you to provide us with your WordPress credentials. This migration is free of charge, indeed!

Wow! That's Great, I like This Already!

Scan Your Website

Step 3

From this step, you are already in good hands. We scan and optimize your website to make sure you will get the best of it. When you feel ready, update your DNS to point to your new server IP - we can also help with that too of course.

Yep, My Website Needs A Cleanup.
Step 3 - Scan Your Website

Step 4 - Everything Is Under Control

Everything Is Under Control

Step 4

You did it! You now have a fast and managed website, worry free. While we are monitoring all the system, you will have plenty of time to focus on more important tasks to grow your business.

That's Exactly What I want!

Choose your package and enjoy the peace of mind.

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