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Why we created Premium WordPress Hosting.

A Need From Our Customers

Years of developing and debugging websites for our customers, we always felt that they could have a better hosting solution.

Most certainly like you, when you start you just search for a cheap host company and you think you're good. But few months or weeks only later, you discover the truth: your website is slow and your visitors start to complain.

So as all of us, you thought read here and there that compressing images will help and you tried. But nothing helped and in no time you discovered the horrible truth: your website is hosted on a "shared" server with other 3,000+ websites!

Quality At Affordable Price

The common issue from our customers was the cost of a speedy server. Having your own server is the best solution to increase your page loads, and your SEO at the same time. But it requires knowledge, time and of course money.

We thought it was unfair. How could we help our customers - who are using poor shared server - to move to a better solution? Nothing really existed or it was way too expensive for them.

This is why we created Premium WordPress Hosting. For only few bucks a month, you get an astonishing fast server with varnish cache, daily backup, plus 24/7 uptime monitoring service. Our customers were very happy with this.

WordPress Maintenance Included

We do more than hosting your website, we take care of it. What's the point of having a blazing fast website if it is not maintained? Well, our experience can answer this question. Every weeks where you forget about a critical update is increasing the risk for your website to get hacked.

Recovering an hacked website can be done - and we propose also this service - but the cost is more than having maintained it.

So don't take that risk, and move your website to our Premium Hosting WordPress, we have a 100% fully refund policy during the first 15 days - no question asked.

Feel free to ask us anything before to subscribe.

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